If you like to smoke qualitative CIGARS and if you are Cigars lover then you have come to the right place. We have much information about different cigars types and brands. Be part of the large cigars community. Enhance your knowledge about Cigars.


If you prefer smoother taste and lighter smack than cigars then you probably tobacco admirer. There are many different types and brands of tobacco that is made worldwide. We gathered all information so you can choose your favorite type and brand.


Are you piping smoke lover? Pipe smoking is the oldest type of smoking. Many gentlemen’s prefer to smoke tobacco from pipes. We have much information about different pipe types and brands. Be the part of the elite club and read all information about smoking pipes.


If you selected when you need, you also may need some accessories for your pipes or cigars. Here we gathered different accessories for your need. From special cigars knifes to special mouthpieces. Please select whatever you like.

Welcome to the Tobacco Place website!

Welcome to the Tobacco Place website! We are a most unique men’s gift shoppe specializing in pipes, cigars, tobacco, and eclectic gifts for men. We offer a great selection at reasonable prices while offering outstanding customer service!

Christmas is finally here and it is time to enjoy family, football, and snowy evenings by the fireplace! Now is the perfect time to buy a new pipe for those weekends of friends and family. We have a great selection of pipe tobaccos including bulks and hard to find tins from all your favorites to compliment your Christmas activities. Our wide variety of cigars is sure to include your favorite brands just in time for the Yuletide season!

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Information about tobacco tins

Here we gathered information about old but still tasty and qualitative tobacco in tins. They are old fashioned but still stilish and pretty. For old-school tobacco taste lovers.

All you need to know about pipes

Learn more about different pipes. From old-school wood types to new and flawless carbon pipes. Everything you need to know about pipes is gathered in this colomn.

Hystory and types of tobacco

Do you prefer to smoke tobacco in pipes or in paper? Then this column is for you. It is hard to find a perfect tobacco suitable for your taste, but with our help you could do it quicker and faster!

Cheap Cigars

Here we describe and review cheap and affordable cigars for people who just started their road in the cigars world. You can select many types of cheap cigars for your taste.

Average priced Cigars

In this column, we describe and draw review about average priced cigars, for people who want to taste best taste for the best price. Here we have many types of different cigars that costs not so much like premium ones.

Premium and expensive Cigars

Here is the place for the real cigars admirers. The best cigars cost more than simple ones. Premium cigars are made from premium tobacco leaves and by professionals. If you are real cigars lover then you can afford premium class cigars.

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Pipe Tobacco is the biggest online store with wide range of tobacco, cigar, and pipe brands. Also we have many different accessories you might need in your smoking session. We are experienced company that has experience is tobacco business for over 15 years.

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