10th Anniversary

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10th Anniversary


  • Style:Aromatic
  • Tobacco:Virginias, Burleys
  • Cut:Ribbon and Cavendish
  • Curing: A Fruit Cake
  • Price:$1.29/ounce or $17.25/lb

This is a custom blend developed by the Tobacco and Collectables to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Sweet and smooth, this aromatic blend has an overall thick cake flavor smacking of cherries and cocoa. Although sweet, this is not a sicky sweet but just a great aromatic smoke that smells great and burns well.

If you enjoy sweet smelling and tasting aromatic tobaccos then this is one you will want to try. Cool and smooth, this blend has a unique flavor that is a great any time, any where all day choice. Rumour has it that the reviewer may be somewhat biased as it is his recipe, however.