Accessorize Young Man!!

This is an installment of a series of articles written by Aaron Wood for The Tobacco Tin: the official on-line newsletter of the Tobacco Place website.

Aaron “Woody” Wood is a Fireman as well as a Tobacconist here at Tobacco Place. During his 10 years of experience, Woody has developed the reputation of being the “go-to guy” in lighter repair as well as a fine salesman and tobacconist.

Accessorize Young Man!!

Hello out there in pipe and cigar land! It’s Fireman Woody with the next exciting installment of FIREMAN-WOODY’S FAVORITE TOYS.This time I’m-a-talkin about practical things. It might not be the most flashy part of your whole smoking outfit, but if you do it right, it will make people think you are really cool. This article is about pipe and cigar pouches.

Accessorize Young Man!!

TobaccoPlace.Net will tell you that when it comes to smokin’, it’s all about toys. Well I say It’s all about the presentation of your toys.

If you are out some place nice where you can’t spit on the floor, or at your senior prom with Stuart and his date, or just out shooting’ pool with the boys, it’s nice to have a pouch for everything. It makes it easy. It helps you keep it all together. It makes a great impression when it counts, and if you are on the market, it might even help you attract chicks. Woo Hoo!

When I am out on the town with my beautiful bride, I am usually in charge of:

  • The money
  • The ID (that’s for me. My wife never gets carded)
  • The drinks
  • And of course,
  • The smokes.

Therefore, my pouch has to be ready with a couple pipes for me. My tobacco. My pipe tools. A couple cigars for she and I to share. Her cigarettes. Her lighter. Freebies to promote the store, and anything else she thinks we might need (fresh underwear if we are in a car wreck etc.).

Accessorize Young Man!!

Now in the shop you will find quite the selection to fit any pocket and any pocketbook. For cigars, the prices and sizes are all over the place. And there is enough variety to fit everybody from Farmer Ted, to the bank executive, to those fancy boys like TobaccoPlace.Net. In tobacco pouches, It is split about 50-50 between 3 different types (huh?)

  • You have zipper tobac pouches
  • You have zipper pouches that also hold a pipe or two
  • You have the good old fashion role-up pouches (my personal favorite)
  • Then you have the all in one “European” carry-all like I use.
  • And yes that was 4 different kinds, but who is counting.

If you don’t have anything but the plastic bags and cardboard boxes we keep loading you up with wehenever you come in the shop; and it’s all starting to collect in your pockets like the cheeks of some tree-eatin’ beaver who can’t remember to spit; then by golly it is time you come in and get yourself a pouch for all that stuff!

My advice:

Get what you like, But definitely give it some thought and get something good. Quality counts unless you want it to fall apart and drop your expensive toys on the floor.

It sure helps me when the bar is closing and all I have to do is zip and run instead of checking pockets and wondering where I put the spare underwear.