Armellini Pipes

Armellini Pipes

I know that I am seen as the ice cream boy to all of you web surfers out there. The truth needs to finally come out as they say. I do smoke cigars and I do enjoy a particular flavor of ice cream with eash different cigar I smoke. However, my true love is the pipe. I enjoy all that comes with smoking a pipe. Unfortunately, I have found that my wallet doesn’t quite provide what I need to purchace all the pipes that I want.

Armellini Pipes

Now, as a person in retail sales, you would think that I would be wanting to only point out the very expensive pipes and make more money from my customers. Where that is normally a good idea in retail, my thoughts are to show off the toys that are great no matter the price. This leeds me to my pipe choice for the summer.

I am going to have to suggest the Armellini pipe. I haven’t found a pipe for this price to smoke so well since the Don Carlos. Which I might add is more expensive than the Armellini.

The Armellini is priced at $75 and $120. All of the Armellini’s we have in stock at this time are rustic finished and most of them are light as a feather. Our collection also combines traditional shapes with those that are not so traditional.

Well, what about the size? Just as the shapes are all different, the sizes are as well. If you are wanting a smaller Armellini, you got it. If you are wanting a larger Armellini, you got it. And, at the risk of sounding like a Dr. Suess story, if you want a huge Armellini, you got it.

Summertime should be the time you enjoy yourself. And at a price like this, how could you go wrong.

This newer line of Italian briars look great for the money! Lovely in shape and form, these light pipes portray excellent craftsmanship and superb curing.

Bert has been smoking a light rustic for a while and says that it smokes better than his Castello it resembles so closely!


  • Country: Italian
  • Shape Styles: Traditional and free form
  • Collectiblity: Medium
  • Price Range: $75- $300
  • Other Info: N/A

This article was written by Stuart Stokes for The Tobacco Tin; the official online newsletter of Tobacco Place. We hope that you will find these reviews entertaining as well as informative and eventually we hope to review every tobacco we carry!