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Aromatic pipe tobacco simply means a tobacco that has had some flavor (ie. cherry, vanilla, etc.) added to the leaf. Although this process is outlawed in England, aromatic pipe tobacco continues to be the choice of most pipe enthusiasts world wide and especially in the U.S.A. Chances are that when you remember that “pipe tobacco smell” that always followed Grandpa around you are thinking of the smell of an aromatic!

There are multiple misnomers surrounding this style of tobacco. The most prevalent is that of the Cavendish. Cavendish tobacco is simply a cut of the tobacco where the leaf is pressed in layers and cut into small diamond patterns and can be found in the majority of tobacco blends including many English style tobaccos. Cavendish does not mean vanilla, black tobacco, or any other flavoring!

TobaccoPlace.Net loves rich vanilla aromatic tobaccos and is often found smoking Spanish Galleon around the shoppe. Although he enjoys many different styles of pipe tobacco, he always seems to return to the aromatics and insists that he always will!

Aromatic Tobacco

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