Black Couldron: Come and Get It!

This is an article written by Stuart Stokes for The Tobacco Tin; the official online newsletter for the Tobacco and Collectables website. Stuart, the author of the recipe of this fine blend, is one of the tobacconists here at Tobacco Place and has blended several tobaccos with varying degrees of success.

Black Couldron: Come and Get It!

About two years ago, the idea came to me to make a tobacco mix that resembled chocolate covered cherries. After some time of pondering and studying each tobacco, I finally found what I was looking for and I named it Cabin Boy, one of the many nicknames I had acquired during my stay here at Tobacco Place. Unfortunately, I found a slight bite on the tongue when smoking it all day. Thus Cabin Boy had to be retired. The nickname, however, remains to this day.

Now, years later, I have found the mix to work perfectly with the arrival of a new component. It is now refered to as Black Cauldron which has a soft, almost “cakey-tasting” sweetness that floats across the tongue with no bite at all!

If you are looking for a lightly sweet smoke with a great aroma, then look no more! Its a keeper!

Stuart Stokes