Briar Pipes

The most popular medium to smoking pipes is briar. This wood is the burl on the root of the white heath tree and only grows on the rocky crags around the Mediterranean Sea. Harvested, dried, and cut into ebuchauns before arriving at the pipe maker, this wood is hard, poreous, and perfect for smoking tobacco.

There are basically three things that make a briar pipe worth more or less; craftsmanship, curing process, and quality of the briar. If a pipe excels in all of these areas then the pipe is going to cost more and smoke better.

TobaccoPlace.Net loves briars and owns over 100 in his private collection. He is always seen smoking Dunhills and Don Carlos pipes saying that if you have money to burn then spend it on the burning device!


Savinell Petelogo Stanwell

  • Aldo Velani: This Italian pipe tends to smoke great for the money! A wide variety of shapes and finishes are available through this line and although some higher dollar pieces are out there, they tend to be in that popular $40-$70 range!
  • Alpha: Made in the USA, these reasonably priced briars start at only $30 and are great pipes for the money!
  • Armellini: Carved in the Italian tradition, these lovely briars are superb examples of good quality at a great price. Starting at $75, these pipes are sure to find thier way onto your piperack!
  • Ashton: Traditional in style and shape, these lovely pipes are oil- cured to lend a nutty flavor to the break in period. They also feature hand cut mouth pieces composed of ashtonite; a new substance that offers the look and feel of vulcanite but does not oxidize!
  • Bjarne: Lovely in shape and form, these great smoking Danish pipes are reasonably priced and preform well. These freeforms are often semi traditionals with great grain.
  • Caminetto: These beautiful pipes are high quality in every way! A little pricey but highly collectable, these pipes deliver superb preformance! They range from $250 and up but, for the serious collector, this is a small price to pay for this premium pipe!
  • Don Carlos: We can not say enough about these pipes! Perhaps the best pipe value we have, these pipes start at $150 and simply smoke way above that price range! You will be delighted to find your new favorite!
  • Dunhill: These pipes are the “Rolls Royce” of pipes! Perfection incarnate, these pipes are flawless examples of what a pipe should be. Starting around $400, these pipes are extremely collectable and will become treasured family heirlooms!
  • Falcon: An old favorite of many pipe smokers for years, these pipes start around $30 and feature an aluminum shank with interchangable bowls.
  • Ferndown: Only 1500 or so of these pipes are made each year! Rare and highly collectable, these pipes start around $325 and are superb smokers! I recommend these for the man who loves beautiful pipes that function well!
  • Larsen: These lovely Danish briars are highly prized for thier beauty and collectability. Starting around $75, these pipes are great smoking and sure to please!
  • Mastro de Paja: These lovely Italian briar pipes are sweet smoking and good looking collectables. These “must have” briars are hard to find treasures!
  • Peterson: This Irish company has been producing beautiful, well made pipes for a long, long time. Starting at around $50, these briars are great every day pipes that feature the “Peterson Stem” which has a hole on top to ensure a cool smoke!
  • Pipa Croci: These lovely free form hand made Italian briars are known for their reasonable prices and straight grains. Highly collectible, these are great smoking pipes that are sure to please!
  • Nording: These great Danish free hand briars are comfortable and smoke beautifully! Many different finishes highlight this well made line of pipes. Starting around $45, these pipes are a great everyday choice!
  • Radice: Wonderful preformance and unique styles and shapes are the trademarks of these lovely Italian Briars! Starting at only $195, this is a must have in any serious collection!
  • Savinelli: These Itailan briar pipes offer great smoking at reasonable prices! Starting around $50, these pipes offer the best selection of traditional shapes and many finishes to provide a variety of looks!
  • Ser Jacapo: Beautiful in form and flavor, these high preformance pipes start around $265. A good variety in shapes, these pipes tend to be larger in size and highly collectable.
  • Stanwell: These pipes smoke great for the money! A wide variety of unusal shapes starting around $40 is sure to please any discriminating smoker. We sell alot of these fine Danish pipes that smoke above their price range!
  • Tim West: A wide variety of shapes ranging from freehands to “almost traditionals”, this American carver is making some great pipes! Starting at about $45, these unsual and beautiful pipes are a great value!