Diamond Crown Humidification Systems

This is an installment of a series of articles written by Aaron Wood for The Tobacco Tin: the official on-line newsletter of the Tobacco Place website.

Aaron “Woody” Wood is a Fireman as well as a Tobacconist here at Tobacco Place. During his 10 years of experience, Woody has developed the reputation of being the “go-to guy” in lighter repair as well as a fine salesman and tobacconist.

Diamond Crown Humidification Systems

It’s Woody, a member of the cracker-jack staff of Tobacco Place with the latest installment of TOYS.

Today its tobacco tins (those little hockey pucks that smell like road kill when you open them up) Wooooo Hoooooo! love that latakia. Yum, no really.

At my locker at the fire station There is a real moisture problem. I am constantly battling low humidity and drafty conditions. Plus I am gone 2 out of 3 days so consistency is a nightmare when it comes to maintenance.

My solution, THE DIAMOND CROWN HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM…. and there was much rejoicing.

It’s a big locker so I put two of them in there and boy do they do a good job! Plus that little window on the front tells me exactly how much water it is using and when it needs more.

If you like to store tins and have a few laying around open, Maybe A tobacco humidor with a really reliable humidification system would help you out as well.

Hey why should cigars get all the pampering? Treat your pipe tobacco to a little TLC and enjoy how much better it tastes.