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English tobaccos are simply tobaccos that have had no flavors added during the curing process. What gives tobacco its natural flavors is the soil and climate it is grown in; so the leaf is refereed to by the country or area it is from. So when people are talking of Virginias or perhaps even “Mid-belt” Virginias they are refering to the unique flavor characteristic of tobacco from that region.

Even though no flavors are added to these tobaccos, curing can and does influence the flavor of the finished product. Dark-stoving a Virginia, for instance, brings out more sweetness as well as a rich malty flavor. Latakia was originally cured by the smoke of burning camel’s dung! Of course they have changed that process and have found other ways to get that flavor.

TobaccoPlace.Net loves Virginia tobaccos especially the Matured Virginia and the Dark Navy Flake listed below. If you enjoy the more subtle flavors in tobacco then you will love English Tobaccos!

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