Falcon Pipes


These pipes feature metal shanks and a replaceable bowl. Although now these pipes are being made in England, the unique design has changed little since developed by Kenley Bugg of Indiana in 1936. Popular in the ’60s, these pipes still enjoy quite a following.

TobaccoPlace.Net says that although they are good for people who place pipes in their back pocket and sit a lot, they just don’t smoke cigarette like briar or meerschaum. These pipes do have a faithful following and are not easy to find.

Falcon Pipes


  • Country: England
  • Shape Styles: Traditionals (?)
  • Collectiblity: Medium
  • Price Range: About $50 and Up
    • Other Info:

    • Metal with Replaceable Briar Bowls
    • Bowl Shape Chart
    • Classic Stem Shape Chart
    • International Stem Shape Chart