Grey Havens

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Grey Havens


  • Style:English Mixture
  • Tobacco:Virginias, Orientals, Burleys and Perique
  • Cut:Ribbons, Cavendish, and Shag
  • Curing: Vars.
  • Price:100gm Tin $11.50, 50gm Tin $6.95
  • Manufacturer: McClellend Tobacco

Sweet and spicy, this quality English Mixture has a thick flavor with dark tones. The burlys, normally a detriment to any English blend, allows a sweet nutty smoke that compliments the spicy tastes from the perique. The gray white ash testifies to a clean slow burning that leaves a sweetness on the pallet after the smoke.

I would recommend this fine blend to an aromatic smoker that wishes to experiement with the cleaner flavors of English style tobaccos. Unlike Virginias, the sweetness is more pronounced and the cut is closer to the aromatic tobaccos so anyone wishing to cross over would find Greyhavens a perfect choice! Also, as a fan of Tolkien, I love the name and can well imagine this blend a good choice for the trek to Aman from Middle Earth. Pick up a tin and try it for yourself!