Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum pipes are each uniquely carved by hand by Turkish artists. Carved from a soft stone called Meerschaum (which means Sea Foam) and mined only with in a four mile radius of Eskeshir, these wonderful pipes smoke great and color after smoking!

Meerschaum colors through a combination of the heat from the pipe and the wax; as well as the fact that a pipe is basically a filter! Varying grades of Meerschaum color better than others as the more poreous stone colors and absorbs better. Better carvers usually get better stone, so pipes carved by Beckler will usually smoke better right out of the chute!

Uncle says that he knows a lot of pipe smokers who own meerschaums and none of them own only one! If you buy one and learn how to smoke it, you will be hooked! He also cautions some dos and donts associated with meerschaums; do clean then every time you smoke them; do treat them carefully; dont smoke them outside when it is below freezing; dont build a cake in meerschaum as this can lead to cracking; and dont worry or try to predict how these pipes color as they are meant to color and mature over a lifetime.

There are several companies importing Meerschaum Pipes to the USA and more are expected over the next few years. We at Tobacco Place have always sold more pipes than most and chances are that this is one of the biggest selections available anywhere on the web. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line. Enjoy this fine sampling!


Please use the form below to find that special pipe or pipes for which you have been searching! If you cannot find your shape listed, then please call us at (800) 626-2971 or contact us by email and we will do our best to find your favorite pipe!

  • CAO: This fine Meerschaum pipe importer is best known for the Master Carver Beckler! He is probably the best!
  • Paykoc: Charlie Paykoc has been importing Meerschaum for years and he offers some fine pieces!
  • SMS: SMS Meerschaum has produced an award winning documentary on the process of making a meerschaum pipe from mining to carving. Viewing is possible at Tobacco Place.
  • Ural: Dennis Ural imports some of the finest pipes and is always looking for new styles and shapes. He excels in finding traditional meerschaums and has many Savinelli, Charatan, and Ben Wade shapes!