Other Pipes


Although briars and meerschaums are more popular, other mediums for pipes are available and attractive additions to any collection. These pipes may not be for everyday smoking but are fun for an occasional diversion and definitely provide hours of entertaining conversation.

The most popular and better alternative mediums for pipes are clay, ceramic, corn cob, calabash, and cherry wood. These fine pipes are fun and provide a sense of history to the serious pipe enthusiast

Clays: These pipes come in several styles and shapes including wood grains, faces, royal seals, and cameos. Popular with historical rein actors and collectors, these pipes are still being pressed from original 17th century molds! $12.95

Ceramics: We have a nice selection of Christmas ceramics that are dated from 1981 through 1987. A lovely addition to any collection, these pipes originally retailed for $70 but due to closeout pricing, these pipes are only $30!

Corn Cobs: This American tradition is only available from Missouri Meerschaum located in Washington Missouri! Definitely the best pipe TobaccoPlace.Net will ever again loose in the river, these pipes run between $4-$6!

Calabashes: Made from gourds that are hand shaped over the growing season, these pipes are no longer being grown. Usually topped with a ceramic or meerschaum bowl, these pipes smoke great for the money! We only have, at this time, two calabashes in stock. Both feature block meerschaum bowls and suede leather wrapped gourds and retail for $150, and $200!!

TobaccoPlace.Net owns and loves clays and ceramics. These pipes he smokes from time to time and is often found on cold wintery days late at night in front of his hearth enjoying a long clay tavern pipe!

Other Pipes


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  • Other Info: A sense of History in every puff.