Paykoc Pipes


Charlie Paykoc is another veteran Meerschaum Importer that has a reputation for a good all around selection and quality. He also imports jewelry, flasks, spittoons, and many other man’s gifts

TobaccoPlace.Net says that the last couple of years his pipes have suffered in quality but this year he has produced some great pieces. Hopefully he will continue in this direction and import some great pipes!

Paykoc Pipes


  • Country: USA Importer
  • Shape Styles: All kinds
  • Collectiblity: Medium
  • Price Range: $25 and Up!
  • Other Info: N/A

  • Meerschaum-Claws & Carvings
  • Meerschaum-Faces
  • Meerschaum-Traditional Shapes
  • Meerschaum-Specialty