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  • Style:English Aromatic
  • Tobacco:Virginias, Orientals
  • Cut:Ribbon and Cavendish
  • Curing:Cognac
  • Price:$8.95/tin or $24.95/8oz Foil Bag

Made by Esoterica and imported by Mike Butera, this English Aromatic blending of Virginias, Orientals, and Latakias is then flavored with cognac to produce a medium bodied smoke with a thick, smooth, and sweet flavor. Clean burning with a perfume aroma, this is a good cross over blend from Aromatics to English style tobaccos.

I really enjoy this tobacco and is one of the sweetest blends to find its way into my collection! This is top quality tobacco at its best; clean, smooth, and cool. I hope you try it as I know you will like it!