Peterson Pipes


Peterson Pipes have been a staple of the Pipe Enthusiast for over 150 years! Stylish and practical, these traditional briars offer a large choice of shapes and finishes in all price ranges. Besides offering the Peterson “Deep Well” System which allows the moisture to collect in the shank of the pipe and away from the inside of the bowl, Peterson is famous for the Peterson Bit. This bit directs the smoke to the roof of the mouth thereby ensuring a cool smoke as well as providing a good grip in the teeth!

TobaccoPlace.Net loves Peterson pipes (in fact some 19 are found in his collection) and is often seen scampering about smoking his Peterson Mark Twain Rustic. These fine briars are a must for a complete collection!

Peterson Pipes


  • Country: Irish
  • Shape Styles: Traditionals
  • Collectiblity: Medium to High
  • Price Range: $50 and Up!
  • Other Info: N/A

  • Sherlock Holmes Series
  • System Ebony
  • System Rustic
  • System Smooth
  • Donegal
  • Harp
  • Killarney
  • Kinsale Rustic
  • Kinsale Smooth
  • Racing Green
  • Rosslare
  • Shannon
  • Silver Band
  • Specialty Pipes