Rattray’s Tins

Rattray's Tins

Charles Rattray was born in Dundee Scotland in 1880 and worked in the tobacco factory of Fairweather until he was 23. After moving to Perth and purchasing his famed tobacco shoppe on High Street 15B, Charles began blending some exquisite and unique blends

Today these blends are manufactured following the original recipes and using the same painstaking care as Charles Rattray would. Imported by JB Russell, these finest quality blends are a must have in any collection.

When TobaccoPlace.Net is asked about these tobaccos, he would only remind me that they are made in the Scottish Tradition; the land where everything is done on a dare! He did caution that these are full bodied English blends and only for the experienced smoker. I did see him “sneaking” a tin of Hal O’ the Wynd however!

Rattray’s Tins


  • Country: German
  • Sizes: 113 gram
  • Collectiblity: High
  • Price Range: $13.50
  • Other Info: N/A