Savinelli Pipes


Savinelli pipes are among the best values today! Reasonably priced, these Italian briars showcase a wide selection of finishes and the best selection of traditional shapes! In addition, Savinelli also offers the dry system which is a balsa wood insert that helps protect against moisture whether as the result of over-smoking or incorrect packing; many of the more traditional styles are convertible which means that they can use this balsa insert.

TobaccoPlace.Net loves Savinelli pipes and owns several including two Black sets! He says that these pipes smoke well and are reasonably priced for what they deliver!


Savinelli Pipes


  • Country: Italian
  • Shape Styles: Traditionals and Free Forms
  • Collectiblity: Medium to High
  • Price Range: $40 and Up!
  • Other Info: Shape Charts
    • Chart 1
    • Chart 2
    • Chart 3

  • Autograph
  • Bing’s Favorite
  • Champagne
  • Churchwarden
  • Dry System
  • Goliath EX
  • Hercules Matte EX
  • Long John
  • Oscar Dry
  • Pisa
  • Roma Lucite
  • Other Specialty