Ah the gentle art of pipe smoking! The hobby of pipe smoking and collecting is a wonderful and timeless art given to introspection and relaxation. If you are a pipe-smoker then you definitely are in the right place!

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There are three basic kinds of pipe tobaccos: Aromatic, English, and Burly. Usually, but certainly not always, a pipe smoker tends to enjoy one or the other. Aromatics have flavors added, Englishes get their unique flavors by the region where it is grown and various processes of curing, and Burly’s are a strain of tobacco plant usually grown in and around Kentucky and Tennessee and can be found straight or in English or Aromatic blends.

We at Tobacco Place all enjoy pipes and tobacco and offer over 80 different blends to choose from! We also have five tobacconists on staff, all fully trained and quite capable, that can assist you in selecting that perfect blend or custom design one to your specific tastes! As a special thank you to our regular customers, when you join our FREE Pipe Tobacco Club we record your purchases and when you accumulate twelve pounds the thirteenth is free! The tobacco club is free to all and has no time limit so sign up, order your new favorite, and enjoy!!


Tobacco Per Oz Half Pound Pound
Aromatics $1.49 $11.00 $18.95
Custom Blends $1.49 $11.00 $18.95
Englishes $1.65 $12.00 $21.95
Stokkebye Luxury $1.95 $14.00 $26.95
Dunhill Bulk $2.35 $16.95 $29.95


Please use the form below to find that special blend for which you have been searching! We hope these tips will help your enjoyment of tobacco and pipes! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a line via e-mail.

Savinell Petelogo Atanwell

English Tobaccos: Pure and naturally flavored by region as well as curing, these tobaccos are top quality and include Virginias, Latakias, Orientals, Perique, and more!

Aromatic Tobaccos: Topped with the best of natural flavors and ingredients, these wonderful tobaccos offer a wide variety of vanillas, cherries, rums, chocolates and so much more!

Custom Blends: These unique combinations are hand blended by the staff of Tobacco Place! Found only here, these aromatic and English style tobaccos range from subtle to off the wall!

Burleys: These simple tobaccos are popular here in the Americas. These tobaccos are grown in or around Kentucky and provide a rich nutty flavor. Sometimes flavors are added to provide a sweet flavor and aroma.

Fabric of Tobacco Series: This is a special series by TobaccoPlace.Net that not only is a quest for the perfect flavor, but also texture of smoke.

Symphony of Tobacco Series: This is a special series by TobaccoPlace.Net that not only is a quest for the perfect flavor and aroma, but also the overall beauty of a smoke.

Middle Earth Pipeweed Series: This is a series of English-Aromatic blends inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of The Rings. Each blend commemorates the heroic characters and moments found within this trilogy and is best enjoyed in your favorite churchwarden.

Blending Components: We now offer a selection of tobaccos that are designed to be used as components for blending! Pure Latakia, Perique, Orientals, Havana, and more are now available.

Stokkebye Luxury Flakes: Crafted by Peter himself, these top quality English style tobaccos are clean burning and smooth.

Dunhill Bulk: Now some of your favorite Dunhill tins are available by the ounce! They are the same quality, but lower priced for the pocketbook.

Tins: These top quality tobaccos are sealed to ensure better “marrying” for a smoother flavor and cleaner burning.

RYO Cigarette Tobacco: With the rate increase of cigarettes, these quality tobaccos are better tasting and more economical for the discriminating smoker!

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